2011-03-17 22:32:04 by Endo-K

Hey guys! Needed to update this journal thingy, last one was from 2009 I think.

Anyway, should definitely check out my new RHG animation, Chuck vs Alfa!

Hope you enjoy it!

Upcoming RHG

2009-06-04 00:31:49 by Endo-K

Hey guys, haven't updated in a while. So I thought I might fill you in with what's going on.

I'm currently working on an RHG against Lf2Master. This will be my character's first battle so hopefully I can win this one. It's going to be a real challenge though. Oh well here's a screen shot from it. It's no where near done but expect it soon... ish.

Upcoming RHG


2007-12-04 00:39:04 by Endo-K

Everyone. Always ask for salt on your subway sandwiches to keep away those vengeful spirits.

another awesome/stupid news update. pretty Phat eh.